History of Alternative Media in the XXIst Century : America, 2003



  1. July Indymedia Mexico launches Wikimediamexico and Indypapel
  2. April: the radio program “El Ciber café de QK”, produced by the feminist organization SIPAM (Salud Integral para la Mujer, México D.F.) transmited on a weekly basis from April, 2003 to January, 2004, by the radio XEQK, “La Radio de los Ciudadanos” 1) / Indymedia Mexico relaunches its mailing list
  3. March : abandonned for several month, the Indymedia Mexico collective starts a process od reconstruction and relaunches its website2)
  4. January, 25: Jaime Betanzos Fuentes, anarchist activist from the Centro Social Libertario Ricardo Flores Magón, and co-founder of the community radio Ngixo in Oaxaca, is victim of an attack by members of the PRI 3)
  5. Radio Sabotaje starts to be tranmited by Internet.

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