History of Alternative Media in the XXIst Century : America, 2005


  1. December in a communiqué from the EZLN, addressed to the alternative media in the context of the Other Campain, El Subcomandante Marcos gives his support to the initiatives giving an alternative coverage of the event.
  2. September 18: : live transmission of the first preparatory meeting for the “Other Campain” (which will start in january 1st 2006), in La Garrucha, state of Chiapas, by Indymedia Chiapas, helped by around 50 alternative mexican media 1)
  3. August 27: preparatory meeting to the Other Campain, held in the Autonomous Zapatist Community Juan Diego, Chiapas. Presence of La Voladora Radio, Radio Pacheco, Radio Zapote, Radio Vacilón
  4. Summer: after the VIth declaration of the Selva Lacandona by the EZLN, the Indymedia Mexico collective decides not to include the Otra Campaña, but to help for the distribution of the information (“Consenso Chilango”)2)
  5. June : the feminist organization SIPAM (Salud Integral para la Mujer) launches its program “I-radiando: Mujeres Interactivas”, on Radio Educación 1060 AM, in Mexico city 3)
  6. May 23th: Radio Plantón founded in Oaxaca
  7. CIEPAC produces the documentary “Plan Puebla-Panama”

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