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  • “BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights takes a rights-based approach to the Palestinian refugee issue through research, advocacy and support of community participation in the search for durable solutions.
  • BADIL was established in January 1998 to support the development of a popular refugee lobby for the right of return through professional research and partnership-based community initiatives. The center is registered with the Palestinian Authority.
  • BADIL actively encourages voluntary participation of grassroots activists, local and international experts, and regional and international partners based on the vision of BADIL as a community-based organization.
  • BADIL ('badeel') is an Arabic word that means 'alternative'. BADIL's alternative approach to the question of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons is based on international law, relevant UN resolutions, and the participation of refugees themselves […]
  • The Center is also a member of the Palestine Right of Return Coalition established in 2000”. 1)



  • “BADIL's research, information and legal advocacy unit initiates Arabic and English research and documentation to provide accurate information, raise awareness, and furnish professional analysis to support the local and international community-based campaign for Palestinian refugee rights. The unit includes a special focus of legal and media initiatives. Activities include Arabic (Haq al-Awda) and English (Majdal) magazines, an annual Survey of Palestinian Refugees and IDPs, expert workshops, policy advice, reporting to international legal fora, advocacy materials, legal papers and press releases”. 2)
  • Press releases:
  • Magazines: Haq Al-Awda (Arabic Magazine), Al-Majdal (English Magazine)
  • Annual report:


Legal status

  • BADIL Ressource Center is registred as a non-profit association under the Palestinian NGO Law.
  • BADIL's Board and Oversight Committee is elected by a General Assembly


Internal Organization

  • “BADIL's work is guided by a Board, elected from a General Assembly composed of activists in Palestinian refugee community organizations and national institutions, and supervised by an elected Oversight Committee. BADIL's Executive Committee responsible for ongoing supervision, monitoring and adaptation of BADIL's regular program.
  • BADIL Friends operates as an informal network of refugee community activists in 1967 occupied Palestine and serves as the 'long arm' of BADIL for planning and implementation of its projects among the refugee community.
  • BADIL Legal Support Network is an informal collective of Palestinian and international legal experts who provide legal advice and support on the Palestinian refugee issue”. 3)


  • Address :

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights
PO Box 728
Bethlehem, West Bank

  • Email :
  1. BADIL Board : (Head of the board: Afif Ghatashe)
  2. Administration : (Director: Ingrid Jaradat Gassner); (Admin-Finance Officer: Najwah Darwish)
  3. Campaign Unit : (Coordinator: Mohammad Jaradat)
  4. Project Officer (Campaign Assistance - Al-Awda Annual Award) Fares El-Atrash
  5. : Project Officer (Youth Education & Activation): Hassan Faraj
  6. Research, Information and Legal Advocacy Unit :;; Coordinator / Research & Information: Nidal Al-Azzah
  7. Coordinator / Legal Advocacy: Reem Mazzawi (
  8. : Media Officer (Arabic)
  9. : Media Officer (English): Hazem Jamjoum
  10. : Technical Support: Atallah Salem
  • Tel. : +972-2-277-7086
  • Tel/Fax: +972-2-274-7346


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