• Description: Palestine News Network (PNN), Network of United Radio Stations (NUR) and SADA TV Company signed a partnership agreement that includes a number of TV and Radio stations and news websites. It has been agreed that the coalition, to be called “United”, comes as a result of extensive efforts over the last several months in order to unify efforts to enhance local journalism in the Palestinian territories.
  • Objectives:
  1. Develop journalism in Palestine
  2. Reinforce the role of the local media and its effect on Palestinian society
  3. Provide needed elements of continuity of this coalition to serve its goals
  4. Develop existing journalistic skills and create jobs for new journalists
  5. Enhance the quality of production and encouraging the exchange of programs
  6. Reinforce independent media to develop media visions that focus on local and national issues relating to political, social and economic levels on a professional base.
  • Members:
  1. SADA Company includes al-Fajr Al-Jaddeed TV – Tulkarem, Gama TV – Nablus, Baladna TV – Qalqilia, Jenin Central TV – Jenin, an-Nur TV – Jericho and Al-Ru’aa TV – Bethlehem.
  2. NUR includes, ISIS Radio – Beit Bethlehem, Manbar Al-Hurrieya Radio – Hebron, Dreams Radio – Jenin, Sama Radio – Nablus, Future Radio – Ramallah, Dream Radio – Hebron and the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC) – Beit Sahour.
  3. SADA Company was represented by Mr. Hamdi Farraj, director of Al-Ru’aa TV and PNN was represented by Mr. Fadi Abu Sadaa while NUR was represented by George Musleh.

“Palestinian News Network – United” will be led and administrated by a number of professional journalists directed by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Husary as a General Director of the partnership.

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