Communication for Social Change Consortium


  • International nonprofit organization working in developing and industrialized countries. Its goal is to build local capacity of people living in poor and marginalized communities to use communication in order to improve their own lives. It is chartered in June of 2003 in the United States to work globally as a registered public charity.
  • Its work continues a 6-plus year history of communication for social change work begun at the Rockefeller Foundation. It has grown into a network of several hundred practitioners and scholars who believe that communication must be bottom-up (as opposed to top down and externally generated), empowering, and based upon principles of tolerance, equity, justice, and unleashing the voices of the previously unheard.
  • Among its partner organizations are many of the UN agencies, and divisions within the World Bank, IADB and universities in the North and South.





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14 South Orange Avenue - Suite 2F
South Orange - New Jersey 07079
United States

49 Queen Victoria Street - Suite 69
England, United Kingdom

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  • Tel. : 1-973-763-1115
  • Fax: 1-973-762-8267


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