Carlos PEREZ

General Presentation

  • “Indigenous Mixe and Self-taught video-maker in the making. He grew up in a low-income urban environment and since he was young has been told by his parents that being indigenous was something to be ashamed of. Nevertheless, as a young adult Carlos Pérez decided to search for his family roots and went to live with his mother's family in the indigenous Mixe community in Oaxaca. There, he worked on the community's media project. Because of his experience in indigenous video-making, US documentary maker Alex Halkin invited him to join the Chiapas Media Project. In 2000, Carlos Pérez moved to Chiapas to train indigenous peoples in video-making. At the time I interviewed him he was coordinating the independent media project for indigenous and peasant communities in the state of Guerrero. Currently he has left Chiapas Media Project to work as an independent video-maker on his own” 1)

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