Bastien R.

General Presentation

  • Member of Promedios France and half-time employee at the independent bookshop Quilombo (Paris). Born in 1980 in Toulouse

Current functions

  • member of Promedios France
  • Half-time job at the independent Libraire Quilombo (Paris)


  • February 2009: third trip in in Mexico and Chiapas
  • February 2008: second trip in in Mexico and Chiapas
  • February 2007: first trip in Mexico and Chiapas. Meets Guillermo Monteforte, founder of Ojo de Agua Comunicación and Mal de Ojo TV, and Alexandra Halkin, founder of the Chiapas Media Project/Promedios de Comunicación Comunitaria
  • 2005-Now: half-time job at the independent bookshop Quilombo, in Paris
  • 2002-2005: works for the independent edition house Co-errances
  • 2001-2002: lives in Toulouse. Works for the production of the documentary Pas assez de Volume, by Vincent Glenn
  • 2001: obtains a Licence d'Arts et Spectacles, mention Cinéma, Université de Montpelliers
  • 1998: starts his studies in Cinema at the University of Montpelliers (south of France). Enters a students trade union, UNEF-SE, which becomes the Fédération Syndicale Etudiante in 2000.
  • 1995: his father actively participates to the ntional strike against the Juppé government and the projects of privatization of the French public services
  • December 1980: Bastien Roche born in Toulouse. His father is a worker at the national company of electricity (EDF), and trade-union activist at the Confédération Nationale du Travail (CGT). His mother, housewife at first, becomes later a literature teacher in a secondary school (French “collège”).


  • Licence d'Arts et Spectacles, mention Cinéma, Université de Montpelliers (2001)





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Other information

  • Date of birth : december 1980
  • Place of birth: Toulouse
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality(ies): French
  • Language(s): French, Spanish, English

Participation in the Alternative Media Global Project

  • No
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