Dear XXX

thank you for joining the Alternative Media Global Project ! As a user of this wiki, you can now add information in the webpages of the site, or create new pages. Please respect the principles and objectives of the project and do NOT delete content or pages without informing the administrators (amgp@riseup.net).

  • Before beginning, please read the presentation of the project: http://www.ourmedianetwork.org/wiki/introduction:presentation_project
  • Then, please read the different sections of the user guide: http://www.ourmedianetwork.org/wiki/appendices:user_guide
  • After this, you should be ready to create or complete your personal page as a correspondent (don't forget to put your photo!): http://www.ourmedianetwork.org/wiki/whoswho:XXXX If you don't want to be the AMGP’s correspondent specifically for XXX, can you tell us which country or region you would prefer
  • At last, you can add new references in the bibliography1), new alternative media in the map/inventory2),new events in the chronology3), new persons in the who's who ?4) Don't hesitate to add announcements in the blog5) for future conferences, books or articles recently published, alternative media current events, etc. You also have the possibility to be part of the reflection led in the introduction about « defining alternative media »6) and to make translations from English to another language.

You can also contribute to the promotion of this project in different ways:

  • by sending the address of the website to all your contacts working on, in or for alternative media throughout the world. You are invited to ask them to add an external link with the AMGP website in their own organization's website;
  • You can start to create a working group on your country, region or area of specialization, with the other correspondents.

We hope you will enjoy being part of the AMGP. For further questions, please send an email to amgp@riseup.net

Best wishes

Benjamin Ferron, Luciana Fleischman AMGP's administrators

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