Alternative Media Global Project Newsletter – Sept. 2008

Dear correspondents of the Alternative Media Global Project!

thanks to your contribution, the AMGP is growing very fast! We wish to welcome warmly our new correspondents, especially those we met in Accra, Ghana, a few weeks ago, during the VIIth OURMedia International Conference. The team of the AMGP is now composed of almost 50 persons representing 28 countries all around the world ! Please check if your name appears correctly and fulfill your personal page (with your photo).


Seven main changes have occured in the wiki in the last two months :

  1. The AMGP's website is now hosted by OURMedia's website, at the following url : Don't forget to update your markup ! Thanks to Arnaud Fouquaut and Russel Kerr for their very useful help in this process!
  2. The AMGP now has a blog at its users' disposal. You can insert announcements within it, linked with the alternative media's world news (a new book, an article, a conference to come, the birth of a new community radio or radical newspaper, etc.). To use the blog , go to :
  3. The visual presentation has been renewed. We hope you'll enjoy it ! You can help to get an even better presentation adding new pictures in the pages (the logo of your media, a photo of yourself in your personal AMGP's page, etc.). If you want to know how to add pictures in the wiki, go to : Thanks again to Arnaud Fouquaut for their help.
  4. The AMGP also has a new email adress for questions of registration or technical problems. Please don't hesitate to contact your favorite administrators to : ! In case of problem concerning all the community of users, please use the blog instead of this adress.
  5. We (RE Davis and Benjamin Ferron) presented the project during a plenary session of the OM conference in Accra. We hope that you'll find time to read it ( and give us your comments, advices, questions or critics !
  6. The structure of the site also changed ! If you want to add new pages in the site, please enter correctly its name ! For instance, if you want to add a new community radio in the Ghana section of the map, it must respect this code : name of the Radio. The same if you want to add a new event in the chronology ! If this community radio is born in 2008, add this event in Birth of This Community Radio, etc. If you find this complicated, just copy-past the existing code, just changing the new elements you want to add.
  7. At last, the translation of the existing pages into spanish or french (the language of reference is english… for technical reasons !) can be done simply hitting on the blue button, that you'll find on the top-right part of the page.

We really hope you won't be lost by these important changes, but they aim at making the wiki easier for your use.


But many things still have to be done !

  1. We want everybody to use the wiki as often as posible ! Whether you'd be an academic, an activist, a journalist or an institutionnal actor working around alternative media, the wiki represents an incredible tool for your work ! Participation does not mean only having your name on the page for correspondents, but finding a way to use the wiki not as a constraint, but as something useful for you and the others !
  2. RE Davis is currently working on a way to include Googlemaps into our World map of alternative media. We hope this new tool we be available as soon as posible, in order to locate alternative media on accurate maps.
  3. We need persons ready to translate pages from english to spanish and french, from spanish to english and french, and from french to english and spanish ! Thank you already for your work !

Thanks to you, this project can become even better as it already is ! We'll manage to send this newsletter every month. If you don't want to receive it again, please send an email to

Best wishes

The AMGP's administrators :

Benjamin Ferron – RE Davis - Clemencia Rodriguez -

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