To add a medium to the worldmap

If you want to add an alternative media organization into the worldmap, you have to locate it in the AMGP's Google Map AND to add it to the global geographic inventory.

To add a medium to the AMGP's Google Map

  1. First, if it is not already done, send an email to, and ask for an invitation to contribute to the map. An AMGP administrator will send you an invitation quickly
  2. Go to “A worldmap of alternative media”, clicking the picture.
  3. Click again the picture “A worldmap of Alternative Media”
  4. The AMGP's Google Map appears on your screen
  5. Create your Google account following the procedure
  6. Click “Mes cartes”
  7. Click “Modifier”
  8. Add a bookmark where the alternative media is located (if you don't have the precise address, just put it anywhere in the city or country of location. Do the same to protect some “illegal” media from State repression !)
  9. Write a short description (name, kind of medium, Internet Site) and add the Alternative Media Global project's page related to this media in the Geographic Inventory.

To add a medium to the geographic inventory

  • Go to “A worldmap of alternative media”, clicking the picture.
  • Select the appropriate geographic region (or regions), clicking one of the small maps at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the appropriate country(ies). Note : one single medium can be added in several different countries. Example : a binational project among a Canadian community radio and a Mexican community radio should be added under the categories “Canada” and “Mexico”.
  • Click “Edit this page”
  • Add the name of the medium in the country's page, in alphabetical order and following this model :
  • Click “Save”
  • The name of the media appears in red
  • Click under the medium's internal link in red
  • A message appears saying “This page does not exist yet”.
  • Click “Create this page”
  • Add informations on this media, respecting the norms you'll find in the page models
  1. Click “Save”
  2. Verify that everything appears correctly
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