How to add an image or a PDF file into a page of the wiki ?

You can easily illustrate the wiki using photos, logos, scanned pages, etc. You can also include PDF files (articles, book chapters, etc.) in the bibliography. Please take care :

  1. the documents must not be too big !
  2. Please ALWAYS quote your sources !
  3. Please be sure to have copyright or permissions to publish the documents

If your document is too big, please resize it before adding it to the wiki How to resize a picture ?

  • Go to the page in which you want to add a picture or a visual document
  • Click “edit this page”
  • Click “add images and other files” (a small square at the top of the page which looks like this: )
  • Select the file to upload in the new window that has been opened
  • Upload it
  • Your picture appears in a list, coloured in dark blue (still in the new window)
  • Click it
  • The new window disappears and a new line appears in your page under edition, which follows this model :
  • Click “save” at the bottom of the page
  • Check if everything is OK !
  • Option : how to create an active image ? (which means : when you click on this image, it goes to another page of the wiki, or an external link in the web)
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