The `other media' — alternative communications in Israel. Yaron Katz

Holon Institute of Technology, Israel,

  • Summary

This article discusses the alternative media system that has developed in Israel as a means to offset the limited variety of communications means that serve special-interest groups. It explores the role of alternative means within society and explains the debate on the new policy of awarding franchises to special-interest channels. Taking into account the means that have developed outside of the mainstream media, it is fair to say that alternative media are well established as an integral part of the communications system. While the government has long objected to media services that serve special-interest groups and advocated for a common culture, the current policy — of approving special-interest programing and services through the mainstream media — can be seen as an understanding that cultural identity is in need and can be well served through new media services.

  • Key Words

alternative media • cultural identity • interest groups • new media • sectorial communications

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