Alternative Media Studies by Country/Geographic Area

This page attempts to list media research by global region and country. It is hoped that this page will allow the user to find research based in a specific location and serve to show the locations where further research is needed. An attempt has been made to include all known countries, dominions and territories. However this list is by no means complete. It is acknowledged that the definition of a state, region or territory is often laced with political implications, conflict, and power. As a wiki if a user finds a specific place or group under or misrepresented then they can add the appropriate section. Where possible countries are listed by common name, and proper name as well as in English, Spanish, French and the language(s) of the region itself. In the future it is hoped that sub regions will develop within the country listings. For example in Spain a subheading for Catalonia could be created to further refine the listings. Furthermore categories for peoples that cross borders of specific states can also be developed. For example Kurdish media could be placed in several specific country listings or a new listing could be created. It is hoped that with further refinement all areas and peoples can be represented.

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