Ethiopians are trying to consolidate community radio development efforts.

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority is to organize a special three days workshop for those community radio initiatives in the country in order to make a consolidated effort in the development of community radio in the country. The move is intended to create an opportunity for communities who have got license so far to come together and discuss the future activities and tasks lies ahead and to share experiences.The participants are also get som basic training about the concepts of community radio, legal consideratios and how to run and adminster a community radio station. Currently there is one community radio that already have started a test broadcasting in Jimma Town (which is called Jimma community radio station) some 347 K/M from the capital city. There are at least five different communities participating in the workshop who are in the process of establishing a community radio in their respective communities. The workshop is to be conducted in Jimma city. Further detail will be following soon.


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