• “Term used intensively in global South development projects, and in its original design meant that people affected by these projects should have an active role in framing them and subsequently evaluating their progress (Mefalopulos 2003). This strategy also prioritized the ways in which media of all kinds should be involved to these ends, in other words the dead reverse of top-down communication strategies. Habits die harder than rhetoric, however, and in practice the term ‘participatory’ has mostly become an empty buzzword batted to and fro among development administrators in their RFP documents” 1).
3) AUBERT, A. (2009), « Le paradoxe du journalisme participatif, Motivations, compétences et engagements des rédacteurs de nouveaux médias », Terrains et Travaux, n°15, Activités en ligne, Revue de sciences sociales de l’ENS Cachan
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