Open Journal Montreal

Open Journal was founded in 2004 to incorporate philosophies, processes and programs from the open source world of computing into discourses about communications theory, literature, politics and art. I have a wide view of what open source might mean, and a blurry view on where the boundaries between disciplines are. OJM Core Contributors. I started this site with a fellow graduate student and graphic designer named AnneMarie Ennis and Elran Oded, founder of PC Cruiser and Touchbasic Networks. These days Elran and I run it from different ends, building up content and developing the site’s functionality, with the help of some fantastic contributors.Our main goal is to publish pleasurable and mindstretching stuff. Authors publish pieces here because they are interested in having them be added to and expanded on in different directions by readers. The work published here is licensed under this default Creative Commons licence, but authors are free to choose another, or to restrict all rights (except fair use, of course) if they like. We use the attribution, share alike, non-commercial license which means that anyone is free to copy our content so long as they credit the author and pass the knowledge forward. We keep the non-commercial clause because once there is money made from someone’s content it feels like there should be some communication. Even if it’s just so that both projects can benefit from agreeing to free commercial use in exchange for links.

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