Volviendo a Vivir

  • Description: radio program produced during a three day radio production workshop with Colombians who used to be members of paramilitary groups or guerrillas and are now de-mobilized and trying to re-integrate into their communities. The program is part of an initiative led by CARACOLA CONSULTORES, a recently formed NGO led by list members Jeanine El Gazi and Tatiana Duplat in Colombia. These persons are working with communities of former paramilitary and guerrilla combatants who are entering a phase of demobilization and re-entrance into civilian life. In Jeanine’s words: “the Colombian de-mobilization and re-integration process is unique because it takes place in a context framed by drug trafficking (and all the resources this feeds into armed groups), active guerrillas, and a structural violence without solutions in sight, which makes joining an armed group a very attractive option, especially for young people without a clear future”. The workshop was the first time these people ever used ICTs—they don't even have access to cell phones, a good indicator to how excluded they have been to information technology. Unfortunately those of you who don't speak Spanish will not understand the radio program; it tells the story of Juan, a recently de-mobilized former member of an armed group (the program does not mention which group), explains why Juan joined the armed group, the stigmas he had to deal with once he tried to come back to his community, his decisions' impact on his loved ones, and how during the years he was part of the armed group, he was always abused by his superiors. The script reflects the collective experiences of those in the workshop who left armed groups; the program was produced collectively by workshop participants. These programs are distributed by some of the approximately 600 community radio stations currently operating in Colombia” (written by Clemencia Rodriguez)
  • Website: In Caracola’s web site you can see more materials under the link to El Puente .
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