Centro Social Libertario Ricardo Flores Magón


  • Place for “critical and radical alternatives”, created in Mexico city by anarchist activists from the CAMA 1) in september 2005
  • Its members publish two libertarian newspapers: Autonomía and Viva Tierra y Libertad.
  • The CAMA impulsed several community/free radio projects in the State of Oaxaca, such as Radio Roca in Santiago Xanica (with the CODEDI 2)) or Radio Nuevo Amanecer


  • Spanish




Legal status

Financing / Donours & Funders

Internal organization


  • Address :

Cerrada de Londres n° 14, interior 1
Colonia Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc
México D.F., close to the metro Sevilla.

  • Mail:

Cultura Libre de Servicios
Educativos y Culturales,
A.P. 6-664 C.P., 06200 - México, D.F.

  • Email :


  • Tel. :
  • Fax:


  • June 2006: libertarian pre-meetings at the CSL-RFM, in preparation of the national meetings in november 2006
  • september 2005: first presentation of the project of the CSL-RFM during a meeting in Mexico
  • 2001: creation of the CAMA

Links with other alternative media

  • In Mexico
  • In Latin America: links with the venezuelian newspaper El Libertario - published by the Commission of Anarchists Relationships in Venezuela- thanks to which members of the CSL-RFM participated to the first Alternative Social Forum 4). Links with the peruvian newspaper Desobediencia. Also links with the newspaper Barricada in Uruguay
  • In Europe: received help from the publishing house Eleuthera and the centre for libertarian studies Giuseppe Pinelli, in Italy. In Germany, Spain, france, relationships with anarchist collectives o trade-unions.


  • ENCRE NOIRE (L’), « Dossier : Mexique Libertaire ! », n° 3, Rennes-Caen, décembre 2008 Available on line.

1) Colectivo Autonomo Magonista
2) , 3) Comite para la Defensa de los Derechos Indígenas
4) in January 2006, in the margin of the VIth World Social Forum in Caracas
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