El Machete


  • Sub-titled “Workers' and Farmer's newspaper”, with the quotation from Karl Marx “workers from all over the world, united”, and the communist effigy.
  • Newspaper published by the Mexican Communist Party from March, 1924 to 1977. Founded by artists like Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros
  • Today, the newspaper is published by the OPC-CLETA (Organización Político Cultural-Centro Libre de Experimentación Teatral e Artística)



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  • The newspaper is diffused on a monthly basis. Around 1000 issues

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  • 1938: the official organ of the Mexican Communist Party is renamed Voz de México
  • 1935: the newspaper stops to be published in the clandestinity when the newly inaugurated president Lázaro Cárdenas stopped persecutions
  • November 7, 1929: first issue of the mexican communist newspaper Machete in a new format, published in the clandestinity, thanks to a press machine called La Aurora, given by german communist activists. Between November 7, 1929 and September 10, 1934, 124 issues of the newspaper are published (number 178 to 302). In this period, the newspaper is directed by Hernán Laborde, General Secretary of the Mexican Communist Party. Rosendo Gómez Lorenzo is editor in chief during three years, Juan Gonzáles and Vicente García are in charge of the impression
  • August 29, 1929: the mexican president Emilio Portes Gil orders the police and the firemen unite to destroy the workshop of the communist newspaper Machete. The Mexican Communist Party starts to work in clandestinity until 1935.
  • June 6, 1929: the government of Emilio Portes Gil closes the offices of the central committee of the Mexican Communist Party and its newspaper Machete. But the newspaper follows its publication until August 29th
  • March, 1924 : creation of El Machete by a group of revolutionnary painters like Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros

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