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  • “RADIO INSURGENTE is the official voice of the National Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN). RADIO INSURGENTE is a radio station which is completely independent from the bad Mexican government. It diffuses the ideas and contents of the zapatista struggle on FM and shortwave radio, as well as on this website and through its own CD-productions. It also informs about the progress made in building the zapatista autonomy through the Good Government Juntas and the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities.
  • FM Radio : RADIO INSURGENTE is a FM project which transmits from various places in Chiapas directed to the zapatista bases, the insurgentes and milicians, the commanders and local people in general. This program is broadcast not only in spanish, but also in the indigenous languages tzotzil, tzeltal, chol and tojolabal. The program mixes local, national and international news with music, educational and political messages, short stories and radio-novels. RADIO INSURGENTE is the media through which the zapatista communities spread their own music, words and thoughts. RADIO INSURGENTE is the only independent radio station in Chiapas transmitting in the various indigenous languages, and for this reason can be understood by women, men and children. In Chiapas, due to the catastrophic educational politics of the official mexican government, approximately a third of the men and half of the women cannot read and write. Most women do not speak or understand spanish. The RADIO INSURGENTE signal reaches isolated regions that have no electricity, where no newspaper goes and where entertainment mainly consists of playing basketball or soccer. For these communities, Radio Insurgente opens a window to the world, and brings information about the struggles of other peoples in other countries. The dozens of letters which reach the cabins every day demonstrate how important it's program is for the indigenous people of Chiapas. Radio Insurgente broadcasts daily on various frequencies in FM (according to the region). For the Zona Altos de Chiapas (tzotzil, tzeltal, chol…) in the frequency 97.9 MHz en FM. For the Zona Selva Fronteriza (tzeltal, tojolabal…) in the frequency 97.9 MHz en FM. For the Zona Selva Tzeltal in the frequencies 100.1 MHz y 89.3 MHz en FM. For the Zona norte (tzotzil,tzeltal,chol…) in the frequency 102.1 MHz en FM. For the Zona zotz choj (tzeltal, tojolabal…) in the frequency 92.9 MHz en FM.
  • Antenas : Shortwave Radio : Its weekly shortwave-program in spanish is particularly directed to the people of Mexico and the Americas, but also to all interested persons from civil society in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It informs regularly on actual events in Chiapas, on the progress of constructing zapatista autonomy through the Juntas de Buen Gobierno and the autonomous rebel municipalities, on the history of the National Zapatista Liberation Army, indigenous women’s rights and many other subjects. It also entertains with a variety of music and short stories from Chiapas. On shortwave, Radio Insurgente transmits one hour per week on fridays from 3 p.m. (Mexico official time, GMT -6) on the frequency 6.0 MHz, 49-meter-band.
  • This Web Site : On this web page you can listen to or download the weekly shortwave RADIO INSURGENTE programs, as well as some special programs and samples of the FM program. You also can send an email to the Radio Insurgente team with your comments. The audio archives are in mp3 format (mono), compressed to 64 kbps for download and retransmission, and 32 kbps for listening. The National Zapatista Liberation Army invites all free and community radio stations to re-transmit Radio Insurgente’s program on their local frequency. Retransmission is free as long as the content aren’t changed. If you click on the PRODUCCIONES RADIO INSURGENTE logo, you can to listen some samples made in it's own recording studio. This includes the stories of Subcomandante Marcos' as well as Zapatista music. The CD's are also available for purchase. In the link 'Discursos' you will find speeches by the Comandantes and Comandantas and other Zapatistas authorities made during especial events. In the link 'Comunicados' you will find all communiques made by the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberación Nacional. And in 'Como apoyar' you will find several ways you can support RADIO INSURGENTE.
  • RADIO INSURGENTE Productions : During the last three years, PRODUCCIONES RADIO INSURGENTE has been developing a digital recording studio in the Rebel Zapatista Zone as part of RADIO INSURGENTE. This is Where the musicians from resistance communities can come to record their own music for free. PRODUCCIONES RADIO INSURGENTE is the first project to enable indigenous Zapatista musical groups the opportunity to record their own music. In this way it helps to amplify and dissiminate the traditional music of the communities and the “corridos” Zapatistas (insurgente's songs). You can support PRODUCCIONES RADIO INSURGENTE by buying or distributing the CD's, cassettes and music” 1).




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  • No legal status. Considered by the Mexican Authorities as a “pirate radio

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