Radio Sabotaje


  • Free mexican radio broadcasted by students from the Faculty of Philosophy and Litterature, National Autonomous University of Mexico. Born in 2000 after the end of the students' strike (1999), among others by former participants of the KeHuelga Radio 1).


  • National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, Mexico City, Mexico See the AMGP’s Map



Legal status

  • Radio Sabotaje is a “free radio”: it does not have a permit for broadcasting in FM, normally delivered by the Secretaría de Comunicación y Transporte (Ministry of Communication and Transportation). In that sense it is illegal or “pirate”, from an official point of view.

Financing / Donours-Funders

  • Since its beginning, Radio Sabotaje has been auto-financed. its members organize parties on a regular basis, in the south part of Mexico City. These parties, usually with concerts by rock bands, help them to buy their equipment.

Internal organization

  • Since its beginning, the Radio Sabotaje collective includes around 20 members.


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  • 2003 Radio Sabotaje starts its diffusion by Internet.
  • Marzo de 2001 : during the “Marcha por el Color de la Tierra”, organized by the Zapatist Movement, Radio Sabotaje realize its first transmissions for a wide public, in the campus of the UNAM.
  • 2001 : creation of Radio Sabotaje, in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), after the interruption of the students' strike by the Federal Police.

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