Red Crítica de Medios Libres (Free Media Critical Network)


  • Network established on January 10th, 2004, in the cultural space “El Alicia”, in the colony “Roma”, during the forum “Resistance : Free Media” (Resistencia : Medios Libres)
  • The two main objectives of the network are :
  1. “to develop a collective defense strategy in front of the Mexican State repression against the independant radios and media
  2. to reinforce the mutual work and help between the different communication projects, in order to reinforce and empower the free media of communication” ((BORIS, 2004)



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  • January 1Oth, 2004 : creation of the “Free Media's Critical Network”, ten days after the celebration of the 10 years of the Zapatist uprising (January 1st, 1994), during the “Foro Resistencia : Medios Libres”, held in the Multiforo Alicia (Colonia Roma, Mexico City) in the context of the Campain 20 & 10 launched by the EZLN. Around 120 people, mostly young, were present during the seven hours of the meeting, representing several alternative media from Mexico (see the list below) and other countries like Chile, United States. The event is broadcast by the KeHuelga Radio

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