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  • Publicly-supported, independent, non-profit TV channel that is a project of Public Communicators, Inc., a 501©3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization. It is available nationally, 24/7, on DISH Satellite Network. Selected programs are available on 172 community access cable stations in 35 states.
  • Seizing the power of television to expand social consciousness, FSTV fuels the movement for progressive social, economic, and political transformation. By exposing the public to perspectives excluded from the corporate-owned media, FSTV empowers citizens to fight injustices, to revitalize democracy, and to build a more compassionate world.
  • Free Speech TV broadcasts independently-produced documentaries dealing with social, political, cultural, and environmental issues; commissions and produces original programming; develops programming partnerships and collaborations with social justice organizations; provides special live broadcasts from remote locations; and maintains an adjunct Web site that hosts one of the Internet's largest collection of progressive audio and video content.




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The Nation's First Progressive Television Channel- Free Speech TV reaches over 25 million homes in the U.S.

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Free Speech TV was founded in 1995, but our roots extend back to The 90's public television show and The 90's Channel on cable television, both of which were founded in 1989. From 1995 to 2000, we provided weekly programming via videotape to a network of 50 community cable channels. In 2000, FSTV realized its goal of launching the first national progressive television network when it was awarded a full-time satellite channel on DISH Network as a result of an FCC policy to set aside 4%-7% of satellite channels for public interest channels.

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