The Alternative Information Center


  • “The Alternative Information Center (AIC) is an internationally oriented, progressive, joint Palestinian-Israeli activist organization. It is engaged in dissemination of information, political advocacy, grassroots activism and critical analysis of the Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict” (2006)1) (Read more)


Afficher Language(s)

  • Arabic, Hebrew, English, Spanish, French


  • Periodical Printed Publications:
  1. AIC Report (January 20, 1985-July 14, 1985) (english)
  2. News From Within (Palestine-Israel) (September 17, 1985-today)(english)
  3. The Economy of the Occupation (April 11, 2005-Today) (english)
  4. Mitsad Sheni (Hebrew)
  5. Rouy'ya Ukhra (arabic)
  6. The Other Front (english)
  • Occasional printed Publications:
  1. WARSCHAWSKI, Michel (2006), The Alternative Information Center : 20 Years of Joint Struggle, Jerusalem, The Alternative Information Center, Latin Patriarchate Press. (english)
  2. (2006) A Wall on the Green Line? Israel's Wall Project Under Scrutiny
  3. AKAWI, Yasser, ANGELONE, Gabriel, NESSAN, Lisa (ed.) (2004), : From Communal Strife to Global Struggle : Justice for the Palestinian People, Jerusalem, The Alternative Information Center, Latin Patriarchate Printing Press, 178 p. (english)
  4. (2004) Globalisation and International Advocacy by Palestinian and Progressive Israeli Organisations: Initial Survey and Networking
  5. (2004) Occupation in Hebron
  6. (2004) Cleansing and Apartheid in Jerusalem – An Alternative Guide to Jerusalem
  7. IBRAHIM, Nassar, NASSAR, Majed (Dr.) (2003), Small Dreams. 14 short stories from Palestine, Ramallah, Bailasan Design, 137 p. (english)
  8. - Ethnic Cleansing in the Negev (2003)
  9. NASSAR, Majed (Dr.), IBRAHIM, Nassar (2002), The Palestinian Intifada Cry Freedom (introduction by Michel Warschawski), Ramallah, Bailasan Design, 198 p. (english)
  10. YAHNI, Sergio (2002), Globalisation and the Palestinian Struggle, Jerusalem, Alternative Information Center.
  11. AIC (2000), Annual Report, Jerusalem, The Alternative Information Center (english).
  12. AIC (1998), Annual Report, Jerusalem, The Alternative Information Center (english).
  13. AIC (1997), Annual Report, Jerusalem, The Alternative Information Center (english).
  14. AIC (1996), Palestine/Israel Directory; A Guide to Independent Palestinian and Israeli Initiatives for Human Rights, Women Rights, Social and Economic Justice, Peace and Cooperation : Palestinian and Israeli Authorities and Official Institutions, fourth and Revised Edition, Jerusalem, April (english).
  15. AIC (1995), Annual Report, Jerusalem, The Alternative Information Center (english).
  16. AIC (1991), From the veil to Liberation, report of a symposium on the status of Palestinian women during the Intifada (Hebrew) (original report in arabic : Bisan Center for Research and development, Ramallah, West bank)
  17. AIC (1991), The Gulf Crisis through the eyes of the Intifada, a collection of leaflets issued by the Unified National Leadership and Political organizations in the occupied territories (Hebrew)
  • Films, videos, documentaries
  1. TORBINER, Eran (2003), Matzpen. Anti-zionist Israelis (DVD), Israel, Matar Plus, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, AIC, ATG.
  • Publications by the AIC staff members
  1. WARSCHAWSKI, Michel (2007) (textes réunis et présentés par), La révolution sioniste est morte. Voix israéliennes contre l'occupation, 1967-2007, Paris, La Fabrique éditions.
  2. ACHKAR, Gilbert, WARSCHAWSKI, Michel (2006), La guerre des 33 jours. La guerre d'Israël contre le Hezbollah au Liban et ses conséquences, Paris, La Discorde, textuel.
  3. WARSCHAWSKI, Michel, Sibony, Michèle (2003), A contre-choeur. Les voix dissidentes en Israël, Paris, Textuel, La Discorde.
  4. NASSAR, Majed, IBRAHIM, Nassar (2003), The Stupidity of Power vs. The Palestinian Resistance, Ramallah, Bailasan Design, 303 p. (ISBN 995032002X / 9789950320024).


Legal status

  • The AIC is legally listed at the Israeli Ministry of Interior as an autonomous association in February, 1984

Financing / Donours & Funders

  • Expenses/Income
  • 2000: 1.401.345 NIS (expenses)/1.511.744 NIS (income)
  • 1998: 1.643.868 NIS (expenses)/1.788.749 NIS (income)
  • 1997: 1.617.796 NIS (expenses)/1.688.442 NIS (income)
  • 1995: 1.280.925 NIS (expenses)/1.062.597 NIS (income)
  • 1994: 713.206 NIS (expenses)/789.189 NIS (income)
  • Main donours

In 2008: Advocacy Project, Associazione Comunita Papa Giovanni XXIII, Broederlijk Delen, the Catalan Government through the help of Sodepau, Comite Catholique Contre La Faim Et Pour Le Developemment (CCFD), Diakonia, Inter-Church Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO), the Irish Government through the help Christian Aid and Junta Castilla-La Mancha through the help of ACSUR Las Segovias.

Internal organization

  • Directorship
  • Beginning of 2007 : new directorship team. Sergio Yahni (Program Director), Connie Hackbarth (executive Director), Nassar Ibrahim (Political Director)
  • End of 2006 : Yassar Akawi leaves the AIC.
  • Beginning of 2006 : directorship team (Yasser Akawi, Nassar Ibrahim, Avital Moses)
  • ? 2003-Beginning of 2006 : Connie Hackbarth
  • September 2003- ? 2003 : Chico (?)
  • June 2000-September 2003 : Sergio Yahni
  • 1998: Michel Warschawski
  • 1997-2000: Michel Warschawski
  • 1995 : Michel Warschawski & Dr. Adel Samara
  • 1990-1994 : Michel Warschawski
  • 1987-1990: Tikvah Parnas
  • 1984-1987: Michel Warschawski
  • Employees
  • 1997: 17 employees (7 Israelis, 8 Palestinians, 2 foreigners) + 7 regular volunteers
  • 1995: 17 employees (ten full-time posts + three 2/3 posts + three 1/2-time posts + one 1/3-time post) + 14 volunteers
  • 1994: 12 employees (ten full-timers and two half-timers) + 15 volunteers
  • 1993: 9 employees (seven full-timers and two half-timers)


  • May 22, 2005: the AIC staff member Ahmad Abu Hannya is placed for six month in administrative detention, without charge, by the Israeli army.
  • 2000: the organization faces a financial crisis2). In August, the AIC begins operating from one office in Bethlehem. The staff is reduced to 7 full-time posts, with increased reliance on volunteers as well as the assistance of the board members upon request. The second intifada begins in September, and the total closure of the West bank imposes a re-opening of an office in dowtown Jerusalem in November. The Settlements Violence Project is launched
  • January, 1999: three principal activists from the AIC, Elias Jeraysi, Inbal Perlson and Yohanan Lorwin, are killed in a flash flood in the Judean desert
  • 1998: within the framework of the 50th Anniversary of the Nakba, AIC staff members were involved in eight TV productions on this topic
  • February 17, 1995: co-organization (with LAWE) of “No Peace With Settlements”, a joint Palestinian-Israeli Conference against settlements (Ambassador Hotel, East Jerusalem)
  • 1994: opening of a second office of the AIC, BADIL, in Bethlehem
  • April 15, 1993: April 17 - Conference on Palestinian Political Prisoners (East Jerusalem)
  • March, 1993 : first issue of April 17
  • November 9, 1990 : Michel Warschawski, director of the AIC, is released from Ma'asiyahu prison, after receiving a third-off of his 8-month sentence
  • July 1, 1990 : Michel Warschawski, director of the AIC, enters the Ma'asiyahu prison (Israel), for a 8-months sentence imposed on him by the High Court of Justice.
  • May 19th, 1988 : the trial of Michel Warschawski and the AIC starts. “All of the Centre's equipement and files [is] confiscated, leaving [the] office alsmot bare when re-entered in August” 3).
  • February 1987 : the AIC is closed for six months by decision of the Israeli High Court of Justice.
  • November 26, 1986 : Ali Jedda, a journalist and member of the AIC, is arrested in the Old City of Jerusalem, while collecting information for an article on an attack against Arab residents in the Muslim Quarter
  • February, 1986 : the AIC releases a special report on torture during interrogations.
  • May, 1985 : the AIC is involved in the negociations, between the Israeli Government, the organization Ahmad Jibril and the Red Cross, for a detainee exchange (1.115 Palestinian detainees in exchange for six Nahal soldiers, held in captivity since the Lebanon War). Two veteran detaineed are then emplyed at the AIC : Ali Jeda and Ata el-Qeimari.
  • January 20, 1985 : first Report from the AIC.
  • February, 1984 : opening of the Alternative Information Center, on Koresh Street (Jerusalem)


  • Address(es):
  1. Building 111 Main Street - Beit Sahour - West Bank
  2. Queen Shlomzion Street 4 - Jerusalem - PO Box 31417 - Jerusalem 91313 - Israel
  • Telephone: 02-2775444 (Beit Sahour)
  • Fax: 02-6241159 (Jerusalem)
  • Mail:
  1. General: or
  2. Website:
  3. Subscriptions:

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  2. WARSCHAWSKI, Michel (2002), Sur la frontière, Paris, Pluriel, Hachette Littérature, Stock.
  3. WIKIPEDIA (consulted on September 25, 2008), "Alternative Information center"
2) “Not unlike several other NGO's in Israel and Palestine, the AIC has been hit by a serious financial crisis. Substantial expected donations have been postponed or reduced, and despite immediate efforts to raise new funds, we have not been able to raise the funds needed to maintain the AIC's high level of activities. Since May 2000 our staff has not received their salaries, and despite this they continue to work with dedication” NFW, vol XVI, n. 7, Sept. 2000, p. 3
3) NFW, vol. IV, n. 5, May 10, 1988, p. 6
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