More informations about The Alternative Information Center

  • The description of the center by its members has changed between 1984 and today.
  • In 1993, the AIC was presented in these words : “The Alternative Information Center (AIC), founded in 1984, is a joint non-partisan project established by progressive Israelis and Palestinians with the purpose of providing the Israeli public with alternative information concerning repression in the occupied territories and resistance to it and providing the Palestinian public with a better understanding of Israeli political and social reality. The AIC was established to create a neutral space where Israelis and palestinians can meet, exchange information, become better acquainted with each other, and ultimately work together for a future of peace and cooperation […] Since its establishment, AIC reports and news have been a reliable source of information for local and foreign media. The AIC's involvement in both political and social realities enable it to assist foreign journalists and TV crews both in Israel and in the occupied territories, even in such difficult times as the Gulf war and prolonged curfews, etc. The AIC has compiled a modest archive of press material covering Israeli society, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the events in the occupied territories which is used by Palestinians, Israelis, and foreign journalists and peace organizations. The fact that the AIC has defined its place as being on the border between the two communities enables us to organize tours for groups and specialized delegations (lawyers, unionists, women activists, etc.) which are unique in that they show both the struggle in the occupied territories and in the 'other' Israel.” (1993) 1)
  • In September 1986, the centre is presented as “a non-partisan collective dedicated to disseminating information on wents in Israel and the occupied territories which rarely, if ever, receive the attention they deserve in the media. The Alternative Infomation Center collective incudes Israelis and Palestinians (from both the occupied territories and inside the green line) active in the struggle against oppression and all forms of discrimination. The Centre is not linked to any political party, a fact which frees it of the partisan concerns which so often mar factual reportage. The Centre provides information both to the general public by way of the mass media and to a narrower public of political activists in Israel, the occupied territories and abroad who are interested in the Israeli-Palwtinian conflict and are in need of accurate and up to date information on developments in the region” 2).
1) April 17, No. 1, March 1993, p. 14
2) NFW, vol. II, N. 34, p; 12
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