April 17. Support & Information Project for Palestinian Political Prisoners


  • Quarterly issued in the framework of the Alternative Information Center's support and information project for Palestinian political prisonners
  • in the first issue of April 17, published in March 1993, the magazine is presented in these words : “The public in Israel and abroad has learned, in the course of 25 years of occupation, to take for granted the fact that thousands of Palestinian political prisoners are being held under inhumane conditions in Israeli prisons and detention centers. For this reason, the issue of the violation of human rights of Palestinians by the courts and in the prison has not so far been a central focus of human rights activism. Since prison conditions are deteriorating, and because it is not to be expected that the practice of holding political prisoners will disappear with the establishment of some limited for of Palestinian autonomy in the occupied territories, the Alternative Information Center established the April 17 - Support and Information Project for Palestinian Political Prisoners” (April 17, No. 1, March 1993, p. 3)
  • “The April 17 - Project aims to :
  1. 1) raise the level of public consciousness in Israel and abroad by providing information about the fate of Palestinian prisoners
  2. draw progressive Israelis into activism, and function as an address for campaigns and urgent actions of the various issues regarding political prisoners
  3. provide coordination between Palestinian bodies acting in support of prisoners and Israeli human rights organizations
  4. contact organizations and institutions abroad and engage their support in campaigns, urgent actions, and adoption of specific prisoners” (April 17, No. 1, march 1993, p. 3)



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