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“HPH is a registered NGO established in Israel in 1985, by a group of left-wing activists, like Roni Ben-Efrat. It is part of a network, close to the political party Organization for Democratic Action (Da'am in Arabic), which includes The Workers Advice Center and Sindyanna of Galilee (HWS). HPH publishes several magazines : Etgar (in Hebrew), Al-Sabar (in Arabic) and Challenge (English, 1990). It also launched the Video48 group.


HPH's purpose is to achieve a just peace to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. They do this through education and outreach activities within the Arab, Israeli and International communities. Their slogan is “Awareness and Action”1).


HPH conducts education programs that empower women, children and youth from the working class Arab community so that they can advance their position in society. HPH do this through helping them strengthen their identity and skills with a special emphasis on creativity and a tolerant approach. They are “gender oriented” both in their contents, target groups and staff. HPH is active in the peace movement through publications, documentary films and lectures, all “directed to build a just society void of oppression and discrimination”2).


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  • Hebrew, Arabic, English



HPH holds its programs in the following locations: Nazareth, Um al Fahem, Kufur Qara, Kufr Manda and Tel Aviv.

Legal status

Financing / Donours & Funders

In 2004-2004, HPB gained funds from : Broederlijk Delen (Belgium), CordAid (The Netherlands), Danish Peace Foundation (Denmark), Global Ministries – United Methodist Church (USA), Jerusalem Fund (USA), Pontifical Mission (East Jerusalem), Terra Nuova (Italy), Welt Frieden Dienst – WFD (Germany), Women's World Day of Prayer (Germany), World Association of Christian Communication (UK), X minus Y (The Netherlands)


Internal organization


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  • 1995: in Spring, HPH members found a new Baqa Center in Jaffa. They seek to provide the community with the means to fight discrimination.
  • 1992: HPH members joins forces with residents of Majd al-Krum, an Arab village in Galilee. Together they found the Baqa Cultural Center there. Baqa becomes involved in projects concerning all spheres of life in the village, forming a model of grassroots work.
  • 1988: six editors of Derech Hanitzatz arrested
  • 1985: HPH established

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