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  • One of the Indymedia Israel's activist, received an heritage and spent the money for the project : thanks to this money, the group rent an office and buy material (computers, video cameras, etc.)1).
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  • 2003, December: investigation against Indymedia Israel, after the publication of a caricature in the open publishing zone of the website, in which the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is portrayed passionately kissing the leader of Nazi Germany.
  • May 2002: investigation into IMC Israel after publication of “Factories of Death” article 2)
  • September 2000: Indymedia Israel launched during the protests against the World Bank in Prague
  • 2000 : contacts between the two israeli activists Bryan Atinsky and Guy West, and the Indymedia network

Links with other alternative media


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  • IMC ISRAEL (2003), « The association for civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) states in a letter to the Attorney General of Israel : “the investigation against Indymedia Israel has turned into intimidation, harming Freedom of Speech on the Internet” », December, 26th, 2003,
  • PALESTINE CENTER/ THE JERUSALEM FUND (2002), “Influencing Israeli Public Opinion in the hope of Bringing Change. Report from a Palestine Center briefing by Ronen Idelman”, November 15,

1) Interview with Ronen Indelman, Tel Aviv, October 2005, by Benjamin Ferron
2) https/
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