News from Within


  • Monthly Magazine in english published by the Alternative Information Center. This magazine seeks to reflect the center's combination of political activism with research and analysis. “News from Within presents a critical discussion of the political realities which have resulted from the Oslo process and its derivatives. It provides analysis of the main trends in Israeli and Palestinian societies, with special attention given to the radical democratic and feminist struggles. It challenges the Jewish nature of the State of Israel and the authoritarian nature of the Palestinian Authority. News from Within is at the forefront of the debate that surrounds the economical, social and cultural forces of globalization and their impact on the conflict in Palestine-Israel” 1) (Read More)




According to Michel Warschawski, the magazine “doubled its number of subscribers” during the First Intifada (1987-1991) 2)

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  • June 2006-Today : Sergio Yahni


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  • 1995: first issue of NFW as a magazine
  • 1994 : discussions and preparation of the transformation of NFW from a newsletter to a magazine. “The intention was to move from newsletter format to a more 'respected' form and layout which would make possible a more professional presentation of the material” 3)
  • September 17, 1985 : first issue of News from Within, published by the Alternative Information Center, with Assia Rosental as publisher and Chief Editor 4) and R. Lasman as managing editor 5)

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