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  • In 1988, NFW is described as an “independant political newsletter”, published by the Alternative Information Center 1).
  • In September 1986, the News from Within Collective publishes this letter in their newspaper : ”NEWS FROM WITHIN began to appear in the summer of 1985, incorporating the weekly news reports published by the Alternative Information Center. Our intention was to publish a weekly review consisting of information and analysis on the situation both in Israel and occupied territories. Forty-five issues later, we remain committed to the same objective. In the interim, NFW has developed a character and concerns of its own, expanding from four pages to eight, experimenting with different forms of communication - in some instances successfully, in other instances less so - and attempting to provide readers with accurate information on developments in the region. Throughout the part year, one of the major bones of contention among the members of both the NFW and the Alternative Information Center collectives has been whether or not to turn NFW into a fortnightly publication. Those in favour of a fortnightly argued that the few ressources at out disposal could be better exploited if we expanded the newsletter and brought it out every two weeks rather than every week. Those opposed argued that turning NFW into a fortnightly would be a setback. In August 1986, the Alternative Information Center launched a number of new projects in order [to] expand its services, including a daily news bulletin (sent by facsimile) consisting of information on repression, resistance, new political developments in the occupied territories and the activities of the peace movement and other progressive forces in Israel, and a weekly report that focuses on issues of interest that have cropped up during the week. As a result, the balance was tipped in favour of expanding NFW by four or eight pages and publishing it on a fortnightly basis. We hope that we will henceforth be able to include more articles of an analytical nature and improve the quality of the newsletter” 2)
  • In February 1986, NFW announce it “was established to provide people interested in Middle East affairs with an alternative source of information for news which rarely, if at all, reaches the pages of the international press” 3)
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