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  • The Other Front is the Alternative Information Center's weekly English-language internet magazine
  • The Other Front comes out every Tuesday and provides the week's news on Palestine and Israel. Beyond covering the headlines, The Other Front offers its readers the other news, both in relation to the headlnies as well as in reporting on other major and vital stories not covered by the mainstream press.
  • Each edition of The Other front contains at least ten articles averaging one page in length-on the week's events, covering among others the very interrelated issues of Al-Nakba 1948, Jerusalem, Oslo.the Peace Process, refugees, Settlments, Palestinians in Israel, Mizrahim, the Economy, Southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights. The Other front also contains updates and insights into activites of the Israeli left. Each week, there is a section called “In Short” which provides news briefs from the past week
  • Many of the articles are accompanied by pictures, maps, and other documents to give the information greater depth and context
  • Back issues, dating back to March 1999, are also available on the website” 1)



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1) The Other front, undated
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