Turning Our Tongues


  • “Audio journal from the young women of Deheisheh refugee camp
  • The project has been initiated by the women's art collective 6+, in collaboration with a group of 18 young women aged 16-19 from the Deheisheh Refugee Camp, Palestine
  • It foregrounds different ways of journaling, of reflecting on daily life - from the very litteral or informational, to the evocative, suggestive and expressive
  • This process combines the use of intimate journals and the creative interpretation of aspects of such journals through short audio works. The works begin as journal entries but progress through various stages of transformation. The resulting audio works are recodings of live, choreographed performances ranging from stories and poems, to songs, and fragmented personal narratives. The young artists worked in small group collaborations to support the performance of each narrative. This project stresses the importance and power of finding ones own voice, while working together” (Presentation postcard)




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