Media Watch Global

  • Description : “Media Watch Global (MWG) is an international association which objective is to promote the right of citizens around the world to be properly informed. MWG was created in January 2002 during the II World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and officially registered in Paris, France, in January 2003. Promoters of MWG are Le Monde Diplomatique and IPS - Inter Press Service, supported by other organizations working in the communication field. MWG aims to create national chapters, formed by three components: journalists, readers / consumers and academics so to combine the different needs and angles for observing media and identifying transgressions to fairness and accuracy”. Two Assemblies have taken place up to now: Porto Alegre 2003; Mumbai 2004”(website).
  • Founder members : Bernard Cassen, Ramon Chao, Mario Lubetkin, Joaquim Palhares, Ignacio Ramonet, Roberto Savio and Carlos Tiburcio.
  • Board :
  1. President: Ignacio Ramonet
  2. Vice Presidents: Joachim Palhares / Mario Lubetkin
  3. Secretary General: Roberto Savio
  4. Deputy Secretary General: Carlos Tiburcio
  5. Treasurer: Bernard Cassen
  6. Deputy Treasurer: Ramon Chao”
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