Roni Ben EFRAT

General Presentation

“Roni Ben-Efrat is a Jewish Israeli. She was born in 1952 in the village of Kfar Mordechai in central Israel. She studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, graduating in 1976, and became a teacher. Her growing committment to “a just solution to the ongoing Palestinian tragedy” was strengthened by the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. She began reporting on human rights violations in the occupied territories for the left-wing Hebrew biweekly Derech-Hanitzatz. Her experience as a correspondent in the territories meant that she “could see the intifada coming”. In response to its eruption in December 1987, she became a founding member of Women in Black and of Women for Political Prisoners. In February 1988 her newspaper was closed down on charges of having illegal contact with a Palestinian organization, the Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DPFLP). Along with five other editors, she was arrested in April 1988, tried and received a nine-month prison term. After her release, she was one of those who founded the magazine Challenge. She is a member of the Board of Advisers of Deir Yassin Remembered. Stephen Langfur is her husband”1).

Current functions


  • Summer 1993: visit in the USA2)
  • January 25, 1989: she is released
  • 1988: funding member of Women in Black (January)3) and the Women's Organization for Political Prisonners4). February: Derech-Hanitzataz is closed for “illegal contacts” with the DFLP. In April she is emprisonned, and receive 9-month prison term
  • 1982-1987: the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon crystallized her political activism and her commitment to “a just solution to the ongoing Palestinian tragedy.”. She joins the staff of Hanitzotz Publishing House and becomes reporter in the OPT for the left-wing Hebrew biweekly Derech-Hanitzatz
  • Late 1970s: becomes active in the new Israeli feminist movement's struggle for abortion rights5)
  • 1976: graduating at the Hebrew University in Jerusalemin
  • 1952: birth in the village of Kfar Mordechai in central Israel






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Other information

  • Date of birth : 1952
  • Place of birth: Kfar Mordechai (village in central Israel)
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality(ies): Israeli
  • Language(s): Hebrew, English


Participation in the Alternative Media Global Project

  • No
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