Epigmenio IBARRA

General Presentation

  • “Renowned Mexican journalist and war correspondent who has contributed to diverse media such as the newspapers La Jornada, El Nacional, Excélsior and the television network Imevisión in Mexico and National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and Univisión in the US and Europe. Throughout his career he has acquired vast experience as an interviewer, having interviewed influential people from the political and cultural arenas in Mexico and abroad. In 1992 Epigmenio Ibarra entered into a working partnership with Venezuelan journalist Hernán Vera and Mexican media director and journalist, Carlos Payán. Together they created the independent production house, Argos Servicios Informativos. Epigmenio Ibarra is the general director of Argos Servicios Informativos and has developed various working partnerships with media networks in Mexico and the US” 1)

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