Ricardo ROCHA

General Presentation

  • “Mexican journalist who owns an independent news agency and production company called Detrás de la Noticia. Ricardo Rocha is one of the most respected and well-known journalists in Mexico. His careet has been closely linked to the media establishment. For almost 26 years he worked for the Mexican media network Televisa. Thoughout all his years at televisa Ricardo Rocha developed a unique journalistic style, incorporating polemic opinions and topics in his television and radio shows. He interviewed influential people from all major areas of society and gained the trust and respect of the audience. In 1999, Ricardo Rocha resigned from Televisa after facing censorship and restrictions on his television and radio shows. Consequently, Ricardo Rocha began his career as an independent producer and journalist”1)

Current functions


  • 1999: Founds a news agency and production company called Detrás de la Noticia. In June, forced to resign from Televisa, after 25 years working within the network. In August, starts working as an independent journalist
  • January 1998: Ricardo Rocha diffuses his documentary Cuatro años ya on Televisa
  • 1997: Ricardo Rocha goes back to Chiapas, and produces a documentary called Chiapas cuatro año ya, on the low-intensity warfare in Chiapas
  • February 24th, 1996: in his weekly investigative journalim show Detrás de la Noticia, on the Televisa Network, Ricardo ROcha broadcast a video about the massacre of 17 peasants in Coyuca de Benítez, Guerrero. The evetn is known as the massacre of Aguas Blancas, and took place on 28 June 1995
  • 1994: after the Zapatista uprising, decides to go to Chiapas “to look for the rebel in their territory”2). The Zapatista refuse to give interview to journalists from Televisa, but accept Ricardo Rocha
  • Begins his career within the mediça establishment: starts as an apprentice at the Mexican Television network Televisa, becomes copywriter, news reporter, war correspondent, producer, announcer, and president of the radio division network3)






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Other information

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  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality(ies): Mexican
  • Language(s): Spanish

Participation in the Alternative Media Global Project

  • No
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