María Inés ROQUE

General Presentation

  • “Argentine-born and Mexican-raised filmmaker and media producer. Her father was a leader of the urban guerillas during the years of the military dictatroship in Argentina. For security reasons she and her family had to flee their country and sought refuge in Mexico, where her father died a few months after their arrival. Being an exile and the daughter of a political activist has a great impact on María Inés Roque and helped to shape her interest in social justice issues. She studied communication sciences and cinema. In 1994 she decided to go to Chiapas with classmate and friend Lupita Miranda to film the documentary Las Compañeras tienen grado about the newly arisen Zapatista rebellion. According to María Inés Roque, this experience helped to strenghten her commitment to the documentary genre in which she still works” as of the late 2000s 1)

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