Richard (Rick) ROWLEY

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  • “Self-taugh US video activist. In 1996, Rick Rowley and two firnds filmed their first video production, which was about the Zapatista rebellion. In 1998 Rick Rowley and his friends became partners in the creation of a web site and community media production centre, Big Noise Films. The collective media centre is devoted to the production of videos about challenging themes around the worls. Rick Rowley makes his own productions and also uses material recorded by video activists in different parts of the worls, broadcasting over the Internet varied versions of events such as anti-World Trade Organizations (WTO) demonstrations, or the responses to the economic and political crisis in Argentina in 2001. He is a media activist with strong political ideas and beliefs who is 'commited to the production and circulation of revolutionary images and alternative points of view' (interview). In 1999, during the anti-WTO demonstrations Rick Rowley and his partners created the Independant Media Centre (Indymedia)
  • “Richard Rowley has made four award winning feature documentaries with international theatrical distribution and dozens of short films and television pieces. He has reported from the front-lines of wars and the inside of social movements in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Mali, Niger, East Timor and South Korea. His work has appeared on BBC, CBC, CNN International, Al Jazeera International, MBC, MTV, and Democracy Now. He has been awarded a Rockefeller Media Arts fellowship and a Jerome fellowship”1).

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  • 1999: BA candidate, Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA



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