Hernán VERA

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  • “Venezuelan filmmaker and journalist who participated in the Venezuelan urban guerilla movement, supported by Sandinistas in Nicaragua and was a guerilla fighter in EL Salvador. During the period of the rebellion in El Salvador Hernán Vera used his journalistic credentials as a cover while performing intelligence tasks for the guerilla. He was also in charge of Radio Venceremos, the radio of the Salvadoran rebels, for thirteen years. He was a member of the peace negotiation team that brought the war in El Salvador to an end. In 1992, after signing the peace accords in Mexico City, Hernán Vera stayed in Mexico where he worked as a journalist for the newspaper La Jornada. The same year he entered into a working partnership with Mexican journalist Epigmenio Ibarra and Mexican media director and journalist, Carlos Payán, and together they created the independent production house Argos Servicios Informativos 1)

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